Who can attend?
Hearthstone is open to all students grades K-12, who reside in Butte or adjacent counties.

Does it cost anything?
No. Hearthstone is a tuition-free public school.

What is a charter school?
A charter school is a tuition-free public school of choice - an alternative to the regular district schools.

How do I enroll my child?
Contact us to sign-up for an information meeting.

How many teachers and staff do you have?
We have 20 credentialed teachers and 5 support staff.

How many students attend Hearthstone?
About 200 students.

Can parents volunteer?
Yes, parents are encouraged to volunteer through our Charter Advisory Council (CAC), in classes, activities and other volunteer opportunities.

How long has Hearthstone been around?
Since 1985. 

Top 10 Benefits of Personalized Learning 

1. Show your children that learning is an exciting life long journey.

2. Build intimate and meaningful relationships with your children.

3. Tailor your teaching to fit your children's unique learning styles.

4. Give your children in-depth, personal attention in any subject with which they stuggle or excel.

5. Create a weekly schedule that fits your needs and allows you to do things without the constraint of a traditional classroom schedule.

6. Transfer your values and beliefs to your children and address their questions when they have them.

7. Nurture your children's natural (musical, artistic, mathematic) talents so they thrive and grow.

8. Teach more effectively by interacting with your children one on one.

9. Share with your children the common everyday joys of life.

10. Help your children mature through the difficult times in their lives.
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